Latest Coblation Treatment for E.N.T Problems

Coblation / Laser Surgery for ENT Problems

Coblation / Laser Surgery has revolutionized the fields of E.N.T "It is the gift of vision for Blind Man ". It is much useful for many E.N.T problems and it is the latest modern treatments

What way Coblation / Laser Surgery is useful than the routine surgery

* Fast & Easy

* No Bleeding

* No Pain

* No Damage to Normal tissue

* Completely Remove Cancer Prevents Cancer Growth

 * Hospital Stay is less (Discharged even on same day of Surgery) So, Patient can return to Office Work Soon * Less Chance for Infection, So less medicines drugs are used

Modern Facilities

Latest Coblation Treatment for ENT problems 
(bloodless/painless Surgery )
Advanced Laser /micro Derider Surgery
Sinus endoscopy surgery For Nose Sinus (F.E.S.S)
Micro Ear / Laryngeal Surgery

Coblation / Laser Surgery for

Snoring (UPPP, Tongue Channeling, Palatal Channeling



Modern Micro- Debrider Surgery

Micro Debrider assisted Surgery is an unique of its kind which is done by advanced ENT Treatment, Particularly for Sinus- Nose Problems

Uses or benefits of Micro-Debrinder Surgery

* For removing growth from Nose without damaging the normal tissue

* It completely removes the diseased tissue even from the deepest and difficult area

* Less chance of Infection & Recurrance

* The Surgery is made simple

What kind of disease can Micro-Debrider Surgery be useful ?

* Sinus - Nose Disease

* Adenoid

* Throat & Voice Box growth

* Cancer growth can be removed from throat

Micro ear Surgery

Micro Scopic ear Surgery done for discharging(puse & Blood ) ear and for earing improvement in a adv tech knowledge for good surgical results and restore normal earing .

For What kind of E.N.T problems can Coblation / Laser Surgery be done

* Tonsil & Adenoid gland

* Oral Cavity

  1. * Growth in Throat / Voice Box
  2. * Noice - Sinus Disease
  3. *Micro Ear Disease
  4. *E.N.T Cancer
  5. *Bleeding from Nose
  6. *Children and Adult Snoring( OSA- obstructive sleep Apnea
  7. *Advances coblation Surgery(UPPP)
  8. *Tongue channeling, Palatal Channeling)
  9. *Surgery can be done for patient even With blood Disorder (Hemophilia)
  10. *Allergy problems / Nose Blocked /Running Nose not responding to Medicine

All this advances surgery has been done here with experiences gained by the Dr. S. Sajeev Rangasamy MBBS., M.S (ENT) from the world class center’s (Australia , Singapore, Norway) around the globe